Saturday, December 1, 2012

Already December 2012

Good Morning Family and Friends,

Haven't blogged in a bit but decided to catch up today!  The last few days, I have been downloading software to my computer and getting my Jeep fixed for the most part.

I spent the night at Mama's so she wouldn't be alone - not that she is because my brother was here but, it just made me feel better.

Yesterday started off as usual, I got up and did my daily 3 mile walk, saw the sunrise, did my exercises, etc.  and then headed to Mama's for the day.  We had my brother bring in the Christmas decorations so we could get things all set for the holidays, now that the new furniture was in place.

We put the tree up and get the lights on and can't seem to find the ornaments.  They aren't in the totes that were brought in the house.  My brother looked in the shed again and there were a few more totes.  I put the ornaments on the tree as Mama handed them to me and then she put out some of her other decorations.  Needless to say, there aren't any more little kids around so the gifts under the tree will be sparse.

I love this time of year and I miss my kids.  I'm glad that Paul and I are able to come to Key West to spend time with my Mama and she spoils us rotten (or at least me) while we are here, cooking the food that I grew up on.  Luckily, my children are older and understanding of why we do what we do.  But, I have a feeling that next year we will stay home and celebrate the Christmas Season with our family and head south after the New Year.

I just looked up and noticed the sun is out and at the moment the wind seems to have died down a bit.  Paul is anxiously awaiting for the wind to stop so he can go scuba diving.  Hopefully, he will get his chance next week to dive a wreck.

For now it is time for me to sign off and get back to downloading the software.  Have a fabulous day and a wonderful Christmas Season.

Love To All and God Bless,

Much Love,


Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 24, 2012

Good Morning Family and Friends,

Paul and I Thanksgiving Day
Haven't blogged since before Thanksgiving, but, I am Thankful and Count My Blessings Every Day!  Family, Friends, Health, Faith, God's Mercy, etc are just a few of the things I am thankful and blessed with daily.

Mama with the Turkey
Thanksgiving Day was pretty quiet at Mama's house.  No kids running around, no loud discussions.  Just good Food and a wonderful day enjoyed by us all.

Valerie and I
My niece Tabatha and I hit the Black Thursday at K-Mart in the evening and found the few things we wanted. Met up with Valerie and Jason as they were they trying to snag a few good deals as well.  We definitely weren't going to fight over items or push and shove to get in the door.  In and Out within 90 minutes - all was good and we were happy - Didn't have to get up early the next morning!

Yesterday, the day started as usual for me - got my 3 miles in and then off to Mama's for most of the day.  Leftovers for lunch in sandwich form and it was just as tasty!

Paul and I went to my little cousins' 2nd Birthday party and got to chat with all my cousins, their kids and watched as the little ones had a great time watching Blues Clues(theme of the party) and running around.  The sugar high from the cotton candy and sweet popcorn laced with white chocolate had nothing to do with it!  Enjoyed pizza and cake and then it was time to head out.

Once back at Mama's, Paul left and I stayed to have dinner (leftovers again), downloaded the video from the party and picked up our laundry that I had done earlier in the day.  Cleaned up in the kitchen, turned the computer off for the night and then I headed back to the bus for the evening.

With jammies on, chatted on fb for a bit and then relaxed on the couch watching a Christmas movie - It is that time of year and I love it!

The break of Dawn this am!
Today, I will be heading to Mama's to grab some of the Turkey for Paul and I for sandwiches as we watch the Michigan - Ohio State game that starts at noon and I will be texting my boys back and forth during the game especially if our team is playing well.

Have a wonderful day and God Bless!

Much Love,


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calling The Sheriff's!

Good Afternoon Family and Friends!

What an exciting day for my niece Tabby and me....  Let me start at the beginning!

I started my day at 6:30am and off I went for my walk around the Park which I generally do every morning and today was no exception.  The only exception was that it was a lot cooler and the sun didn't come out - It tried but to no avail!  Finish my daily routine, exercise, check emails, facebook, etc. and then off I go to Mama's to visit with my sister Sonia and bake the Pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

Get to Mama's house and the door is locked.  I have a key but when I looked down, I noticed I had Paul's keys.  Luckily, my sister Sonia was up and let me in.  I had decided to have breakfast at Mama's and it was going to be instant Oatmeal - get everything ready to go and get the milk - Sour!   There went that idea but then I made scrambled eggs for my sister and me - all is good!

I decided to get the ingredients for the pies all together so I can get them baking, then I remember we need to make a key for the Realtor and get it to her for my sister's house in Big Coppitt.  So, I get the first pie all set in the oven, turn the timer on and my niece Tabby and I are ready to hit the road.  Mama is staying behind to take care of the pie.

As we get going I mention to Tabby, let's go up to Big Coppitt first and check to see if there is any mail, etc. before we give a key to the Realtor.   So, off we go enjoying the cool breeze coming through the windows and chatting about nothing in particular.

We get to the house, check the mail - nothing there they have the door closed.  So we decide since we are there, lets go inside and look around.  Tabby gets the house key ready to open the door and notices that it looks like someone has tampered with the lock.  Low and Behold, someone had.  We get inside and she notices water on the floor.  I look up and see it isn't coming from the ceiling.  As we turn lights on to see, we turn towards the kitchen and notice a big empty gap where the refrigerator should be.  You guessed it!  Someone helped themselves to the fridge and oven inside.  Then they went outside and helped themselves to the wood chipper and weed wacker with attachments.

Tabby and I look at each other and say - We need to call the Deputies.  Tabby made a call to our cousin hoping he might be on duty and when they heard the message, we got a text back - Sorry, he is off today.  Damn, now what?  I thought and said - Well, I usually see them around the Park down by Mama's house - let's head back down to Stock Island and see if we can spot them there and tell them what is going on so they can advise us to what needs to be done.

We decided to leave the house so that we could get my bike carrier so we could go get Anise's bike from the house in case the thieves decided to make a return visit - They can take whatever they want but, they can't have our girls' bicycle!

There were two Sheriff's vehicles when we pulled up to the Park and luckily Tabby knew one quite well from working at Pantry Pride with him years ago.  We get out of the Jeep and approach the officer and tell them what we encountered.  He in turn informed us that we had to call dispatch and gave us the number and told us that once the call was placed they would be sent out to investigate.

Needless to say, they were true to their word.  Officer Rodriguez and Officer Valdes came out and checked things outs in and out.  They talked to neighbors and luckily the neighbor had seen someone and gave a vivid description.  The officers scoured the neighborhood once the Crime Scene Officer came to the scene and started taking pictures and looking for fingerprints.  It was quite interesting seeing it done in person (reminded me of CSI).

It was quite a spell, I had to write a report of what happened and why we were at the house so the Officers would be able to file the report and give it a Case Number.  A few minutes later, a guy comes by on a bicycle pulling a lawn mower.  He starts chatting with us (he thinks I am my sister) and the Officers realize by the description they were given by the neighbor that this is probably the culprit.

The guy goes with the Officer to his house which isn't that far away from here and they discover a few of the stolen items in his possession.  And they found a few things that we didn't realize was missing as well.  The Officers called us over to the culprits' house to identify the stolen objects and to ask us a few more questions.  We signed a release and they gave us the items as they didn't need them to pursue the case.  They asked if the owners of the home was going to press charges and we said - Of Course.

We got the items back and put them in the house and decided to change the locks on the doors and add a few deadbolts to make it a little harder to get in.  Once the locks were changed, we checked the doors to make sure all were closed and locked.  Out the door we went.

It wasn't the day I expected but - All turned out well.

And the pies - Perfect!  Now time for dinner.

Have a great evening.

Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Good Morning Family and Friends! 

It has been a while since I last wrote my blog - haven't really been doing too much.  I get up every morning and get my 3 mile walk in and then do some of my exercises.  Once I am done with that, shower, breakfast and off I go to my Mama's house for most of the day.

I have been working on sports action pics that I took in Michigan the day before I left and they are all finally up on my website -, if you wish to gander over and take a look.

We get to Key West in time to see our friend Ed and Shawn Smith race their offshore boat in the KW Championship races held the week of November 6th - 3 days of racing heaven for those that love the fast pace, not knowing how the water is going to be with the waves (this year pretty good size waves so most of the boats couldn't go as fast as they would under normal conditions), but, we know Key West is not normal!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching as it is this Thursday coming and we are busy making sure we have all we need for our feast.  Turkey is thawing out, side dishes have been decided and items purchased.  We have many things to be Thankful for and are Blessed with each day.

Time to start working on the 2nd race of the Sunday Offshore races so I can get them posted tomorrow.  Today the 1st race is being posted and it will probably take the whole day to get them up.

If you are traveling to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends, Be Safe and Have a wonderful time with each other.

Take Care and God Bless,

Much Love,


Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Good Afternoon Family and Friends,

Sorry for not posting the last few days.  The Offshore Power Boats were in town and time got away from me.  Paul and I were at Fort Zach on Friday and Sunday to view the races and take photos and videos as well.  Haven't had a chance to do anything with the pics except to back them up - hoping to work on some stuff later today.

Still aground
View from the point at Boyd's
Today I started my walking routine again - it has been about a month since I stopped because of my back bothering me.  Was able to get about 3 miles in around the grounds and then do my usual exercises and boy did it feel good!

Paul decorating the campsite for Christmas.
Paul and I ran errands after breakfast.  We had to buy our Christmas tree and lights for the campsite and do the usual - grocery shop, etc.  Once back at the site, Paul got busy decorating while I put everything else away.
Now, the fun begins as Paul has to decorate the tree with Bud Light cans and I get to top it with my Caffeine Free Coke.

Palm tree - wind is really blowing.
I finally hooked up the printer so that I can print my bills out to pay them - Yes I still like to have a copy for my records!  Now, that I have the business part out of the way, I can get to working on all the sports action shots I took in Michigan the day before we left.

Weather here has been beautiful since we arrived on the 8th - windy and cool but the sun has been shining.  This week the wind should die down and the temps are to be in the high 70s.  For our friends Up North - we will try like Hell to send some your way especially when the temps really dip down!

Time to get to work on some pictures.

Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


Friday, November 9, 2012

Key West Bound - Baby!

Good Morning  Family and Friends,

Sunny and 64 as we leave the KOA.  Strapped in and excited to be heading Home - Always a Conch.  If you are not one, You wouldn't understand!

On the turnpike, paid the toll.  We look and are noticing emergency vehicles with top lights and hoping that there isn't an accident up ahead!  The closer we get, the traffic is not flowing,  there is a hiccup in front of us, but we keep inching along.  We pass the accident and are getting back up to speed.  Boy, are they doing some major renovations on the Overpass.

Finally off the turnpike and onto US1 - Key West!  The traveling weather is just perfect.  Now the real fun begins - driving down through the keys.  Getting ready to cross over the first bridge of many!  Nice that the traffic isn't really heavy and no orange barrels to contend with  - alone is a win.  We see several motor homes heading North - Thanks for holding our spot, but, we will take it from here.

Windows are open and we are taking in the smell o f the salt water.  It is great to be able to come Home.  We are truly Blessed!

Crossing over the 7 Mile Bridge is a lot nicer than the old days - back then if you didn't stay on your side - side view mirrors would be taken out.

Temp is reading 66 but with the sun shining it sure seems like it should be warmer.  As we cross the Bahia Honda Bridge, we look over and notice our friend Dunick in his FHP car watching traffic.  The pelicans and ahingas are sunning themselves on the old bridge and awaiting lunch.

Watchful of the Key Deer, we slow down and proceed with caution.  We are almost to Paradise - No need to rush as everything can always be done tomorrow!

One final stop before we head to our campsite - the Shell Gas Station on Key Haven Road.  We will fill up the tank and it will be ready to go when we head out in May.

Except for the snow in West Virginia (I Loved It), that delayed us by one day, our travel from Michigan to Key West has been wonderful as usual.

Now it is time to park the bus for the Winter and enjoy the warmth of the sun!

Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elections Are Finally Over - Yippee!

Good Morning Family and Friends!

Election Day is over and now it is time to put our differences behind us and pray that our President is able to cross the party lines and get our Nation back as it should be - STRONG AND FEARED!

Heading on down the road!
The sun is out and we are on the road heading to the Lion Country Safari KOA in West Palm Beach.  As we are heading down the road, we noticed some of our old stomping grounds from our last few trips that have taken us through Hwy 200.  Before you know it, our new directions from the GPS tell us to turn left to get on 75 South - WooHoo!  Now the fun begins, the Turn Pike - handing out dollars when we get to the Tolls - Don't know how everyone affords it on a daily basis!  Hand the lady $9.00 and on we go.

We stop on the turnpike to fill up the bus and have a quick bite.  Thank goodness we had eaten!  Heading along to our destination, we happen to see a bunch of vultures circling and then - PU - a revolting smell coming into the bus and we have the windows up.  It is the garbage dump along the highway.  We quickly move on and finally get away from the smell.  At the end of the turn pike for us, we hand the lady the ticket and our money and we continue.

10 miles to go and we are almost there - the last leg of the journey for today and what is in the road - an Armadillo.  Luckily for him, Paul was able to stop and let him get onto the grass since there was no one behind us.  We reach the KOA, register and they take us to our spot for the night.

Relaxing for a bit, we decide to go out for dinner and head to Carrabas for some Italian.  It was so good, that Paul ordered some to go for dinner tomorrow.  I will be enjoying some Cuban food at Mama's.

Back at the bus, we are in our pajamas watching tv and relaxing for the night.  Tomorrow will be here before you know it and on the road again we will be - heading to our final destination before we park the bus until April.  My Home Sweet Hometown - Key West!

Have a great one everyone!  Good Night and God Bless!

Much Love,


Election Day 2012

Heading out of Charleston, SC
Hello Family and Friends - We are up early and ready to go.  It is raining but not hard.  While Paul is busy getting everything unplugged from the outside, I am making sure the inside is ready.

I follow Paul out of the Park to an area so that we can get the Jeep all set for towing.  Few minutes later, we are off and heading out of Charleston towards Hwy 17 Starke FL (Jacksonville area) to visit with two of my sisters for the day.  We have approximately 200 miles so I figure we should get there by 2pm as I am sure we will be stopping for fuel along the way.
Savannah River

We just come into Georgia across the Savannah River at 10:30am and the sky is sunny but there are a few dark clouds looming overhead.  Looking around we noticed gas prices at $3.09 - What a difference from Michigan!  I95 is the next sign we have to follow to continue to our destination.  Stopped, filled up, stretched our legs and we are on the road again.  Next stop, Starke KOA!

It was so quiet in the bus that we decided to tune into Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network to see what was going on in the World of Politics according to him.  Needless to say, not a whole lot so we shut the radio off.

Cross the State Line
We crossed into Florida at about 1pm and in the whole stretch of road we only saw two Romney/Ryan signs.  I am talking from when we left South Carolina!  Not a one Obama sign to be seen!  The other thing we saw was a vehicle with something on it about Bengazi.  So glad that after today - All will go back to Normal whatever Normal is!

Great Nephew Julyan - 4 months
Me, Hilda holding Julyan and Dalia
Time to set up camp and decide what to do for dinner when my sisters and their families get her.  They arrive shortly after and we go get Chinese food as that is what we all wanted.  We sat outside and enjoyed our meal and chatted for awhile.  Before long, my sisters had to go as they have kids that are still in school and it was a school night.  It was great seeing them and meeting my newest Great Nephew Julyan.

As they headed out, we headed in to relax for the evening and watch the Election returns for the night.

Good Night,

Much Love,


Day Before The Elections

Hello Family and Friends,

Paul and I met up with my friend Skip Parker and his wife this morning.  We hadn't seen each other in several decades, but, we chatted like time hadn't passed.  We talked for awhile and then decided to meet up later in the evening for a bonfire and some more catching up.

We took off mid afternoon and headed to Melvin's BBQ for an early dinner and to do some last minute grocery shopping for Dill (I had promised her dinner as well).

Got back to the bus a few hours later and we put our stuff away and did some cleaning.  Sand just tracks in from outside no matter how well you wipe your feet.  After the chores were done, I went for a walk around our part of the Park one last time.
Paul enjoying the campfire.

Paul was outside right before dark and got the bonfire going and before long Skip and Alyse showed up to enjoy the evening with us.

Our daughter came by after work to have some dinner and to visit for a bit.  It was great seeing her and Justin the last few days and sad to say goodbye for now.  We know that she is not alone as she has Justing and his family that Love her dearly and that is comforting to us.

With the campfire put out, we go inside.  I start putting my computer away so we can get started on our way in the morning.  Good Night for now.  Pleasant Dreams.

Love To All and God Bless!

Much Love,


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some of the Sites in Charleston, South Carolina

Good Afternoon Everyone!

battery powered sailboats at the camp.
Today started out with us doing the laundry.  Of course, as we are almost done - they have issues with the electrical around the Park.  For a few minutes, we played musical dryers with our laundry - when you put the laundry in the dryer - it wouldn't work but, when you took it out it would.  Needless to say - they figured out what the problem was for the other residents of the Park and we were able to get ours done with the one dryer that was still working.
view from the jeep 

monument for lost soldiers when their ships collided
With laundry put away - we headed out to White Point Gardens which is also known as Battery Park.  Here you will find monuments of Military leaders, cannons dated back to the beginning of the Civil War and also a monument for lost soldiers from two ships that collided when they were practicing maneuvers - there was 30 states represented among those that died.

Had to get a pic
As we look out into the Charleston Harbor, at a distance we can see the Flag that waves from Fort Sumter and we can also see the USS Yorktown which is now a museum - we visited both places the last time we came and it was well worth it!

one of my favorites we seen as we walked along the street
some history that happened on Paul's BD May 13, 1862 - Many moons before he came about.
some of the homes - incredible!
We also took a walk and saw some big and beautiful homes that line the streets in that area.  Oh, to win the Lotto!  After we decided that we had our fill, we were heading to Dill's to buy her dinner so when she gets out of work she can come here and visit for a bit.  Needless to say, when we looked up the Mellow Mushroom (they have gluten free pizza), we ended up taking a detour around the University of Charleston and the downtown shopping area.  It was pretty neat - lots of people enjoying the beautiful weather.

Finally, we get to Dill's and park - we order her pizza and head across the street to the Roost and grab a bite to eat ourselves while we wait.  Inside the place was packed and football was on all the channels - Yeah for Sunday!

Back at the bus we arrive and I try to get on the internet and no such luck.  So, I get my Mifi out to see if I can get on and Like that - up and running.

Time to say so long for today - heading outside to sit with Paul and enjoy the campfire.  More than likely the last one we will have here as rain is expected late tonight and forecast for tomorrow is rain as well.

Have a great evening and night everyone!

Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Folly Beach and Fishing Pier

Good Afternoon Family and Friend,

Day started out with Paul going out for breakfast and me staying in - I have my stuff in the bus.  I did a bit of cleaning and then it was time to run errands with our daughter and Justin.

First stop was the Earth Fare (healthy food store) to pick up Gluten Free items for Dill and then off to Folly Beach to check out the scenery.

Justin, Dill, Paul and I on the Fishing Pier
We found a parking spot right in front of the Fishing Pier and off we went to explore the area.  Beautiful day to go for a walk and see the water.  The sky was just beautiful and the temp just as nice!  The beach was not real packed but we saw quite a few paddle boarders doing their thing on the water.  Walking on the fishing pier, we noticed several people trying their hand at fishing.  While we were there - nothing came out of the water.
View from the Pier

Paddle Boarders
 Took some pics of us and the scenery and then off we went to find a place to eat.  We crossed the street and found Rita's.  The food was good and the fun part was that the waitress that took care of us was originally from Capac!  Small world after all.

Paul with Delia Jane and Justin
Leaving there we headed for Wal-Mart to finish the errands and then back to Dill's to get the Jeep.

We are now back at the campsite.  Beautiful evening for a campfire and some more time with Delia and Justin as well as his parents.

Just a note - checked my fb and found out that our St. Clair Saints Boys Cross Country Team are State Champs - How Cool Is That!  Congratulations to all of you!

Time to get outside and enjoy the weather.  Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012

Good Afternoon,

Brisk early this morning as we got up to at least sunshine.  Found a Huddle House for breakfast as it was closer than a Waffle House.

Errands took us to Best Buy, Lowe's, the Jeep dealership as we lost a part to the hood and then we got the Jeep washed and waxed - my vehicle had never looked so bad.

Up in the 70s when we got back to our site, I decided to change and go for a walk (pedometer is working again too)!  Got in a mile and a half, so hoping to build on that every day.

Well, time to head to Dill and Justin's apartment.  We are going to dinner at Outback Steak House (they have gluten free) and then painting the town for a bit tonight.

Have a great afternoon!  Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charleston, South Carollina - Here We Come!

Up at my usual time - I get ready - shower, have breakfast and start putting the rest of the stuff in its place so we can get going.

Great day to drive!

Looking out the front as the sun is out and off to the distance, I notice campers putting up a tent and another with a camp fire roaring - thinking he was cooking breakfast or keeping warm - it was a little brisk this am.  Traveling conditions today were excellent as you can see by the picture to the left.

We have about 200 miles to cover today so we should get to the James Island County Park by 1pm if not earlier depending on the flow of traffic.  This campground we are staying at is probably one of the nicest we have ever stayed at and if you ever get the chance to see the Festival Of Lights - You won't be disappointed!

Most of the ride today is on I-77 and as we go along I notice an animal along the side of the road walking - I thought it was a little too big to be a cat and it wasn't - It was a fox and I missed the shot!  A little while later as we are traveling along, another missed opportunity with the camera as I look over and you can see steam rising off the Katawba River.  Needless to say, I had the song Smoke on the Water in my mind for a while.
Our exit.

We stopped and fueled up again so when we leave at the beginning of the week, we can head out and not have to stop right away.  Back on the road and we finally have to leave I-77 and get on I-26E towards Charleston.

Waterway crossing the bridge.
In order to get to the campground, we have to cross a bridge and then go down slightly narrow roads - thank goodness Paul is a great driver because if it was me - we wouldn't have any side view mirrors on the bus!

We arrive around 12:30 pm, get camp set up and call our daughter to let her know we made it safely. Dill says she will try to come by but she is studying for a test that she has tonight.

Road leading to the campground.
Getting hungry, we unhook the Jeep from the bus and get the gps going and find 5 Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch - On the road again!

Dill does come by for a few hours with her backpack so she can review her notes for a bit while she visits with us.  After she heads out for class, I decide to go for a walk around the grounds - it was such a beautiful afternoon didn't want to waste it.

Now, back in the bus for the evening - relaxing and watching the tube.  We have 2 full days to spend with Delia Jane (her days off) so we are going to make the most of it and go with whatever she wants to do!  I know we are doing dinner tomorrow and checking out Folly Beach and the Pier!  You know the camera will be in tow.

Have a Great Night Everyone!  God Bless!

Much Love,


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie from Fort Mills, South Carolina

Hello Everyone!

We woke up this am to a quiet we hadn't heard since we headed out on our journey Sunday.  Tuning into the News and taking in what was being said about the weather - We decided it was time to pull up stakes and go forth to our next destination safely.

Roads not bad at all.
The snow that had fallen yesterday was but a mere memory when we opened up the blinds and looked out.  All that was left was wet soggy leaves and traces of the white stuff here and there.

All kinds of trees taken down by the storm.
Everything is quickly put away, Paul handling the outside stuff and me doing what needs to be done on the inside and just like that we are ready to hit the road.  Next stop - Charleston, SC but if we have to stop we will - safety above all - Is Imperative!

Stopped to fill up the bus at a Plaza in West Virginia and can't believe how much snow this area got compared to where we came from - different elevations in the mountains means the amount of snow will vary!  While we are pumping gas, we decide to grab a quick lunch at the Burger King and back on the road we go.

We cross into Virginia around 11:30am and contemplate if we want to continue or make reservations - Making reservations at the Fort Mill KOA in South Carolina wins out, so I make the phone call and get confirmation for our spot for the night.

Business as usual!
As we continue along I-77, the sun comes out and it is so blinding - we are squinting like crazy.  It had been several days since we had seen the sun shine.  Then we realize - No rain pelting the windshield - we hit the Jackpot.  It was still quite windy as Paul had to fight the wheel a bit throughout the drive today.

Along the way
Driving through North Carolina was a treat as we saw beautiful skies, some color but above all - No Snow!  Looking around as we travel the road, we see construction projects, boats on lifts along the water way and some beautiful homes as well.

Paul getting us all hooked up!
The KOA we chose was right across the State line and we got in about 2:45pm.  Getting all set up seems to be getting easier and easier for us which is a good thing.  As we sit around and decide what we want for dinner - it is a toss up between Steak N Shake and Sonny's BBQ.  Sonny's BBQ won out and so we get into the Jeep and cross back into North Carolina.

We are back in for the night and I decide to get some walking in before it gets to dark around the Park.  As I go around, I notice older kids parking their vehicles and going towards an area in the campground that looks to be a Haunted House for the evening.  I was trying to figure out if they were part of the festivities or going for the fun - I decided it must be something for the older kids as I didn't see any little ones around.

Time to close for the night.  We have cable here so - more channels to chose from - tho my channel of choice is ABC - good comedies! 

Have a great night!  Enjoy the ghosts and goblins that come to your door.  And if you go out - Be Safe and Have Fun!

Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snow - Wet and Slushy!

Good Morning Family and Friends!

That's Me!
Paul out in the snow
You guessed it - I opened my mouth too quickly last night and what is on the ground when we wake up this am - SNOW!! 

We had power and then just like that it went!  Thankful, that we have a generator on the bus for when things like this happen!  Funny thing is that the other side of the Park has power, but we don't!   A few tree limbs have also fallen behind and beside the bus - grateful that they didn't fall on the Jeep or the roof of the bus and cause damage!
Luckily the limbs missed the bus and jeep.

Covered in Wet Snow
We have decided to stay around these parts until Thursday morning as the storm should be gone and the road conditions on the mountains better to travel on. 

Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is and has been in Hurricane Sandy's path that she dissipates and that the havoc she creates is kept to a minimum and restoration is swift!  Many thank yous to the First Responders that have left their homes to travel around to wherever they are needed to help get things back in running order!

To our Family and Friends in Michigan - Stay Safe!  They are experiencing wind gusts in excess of 70mph and the waves on the Lake over 20 ft!  If you don't have to go anywhere - Stay Put!
Varsity Saints Volleyball Team
Varsity Saints Football Team
Varsity Cross County Team
Also, to our St. Clair Saints Fall Sports Teams that are heading into Regional play and States - We Wish You All The Best Of Luck As You Keep Getting One Step Closer To Your Goals!  Remember - Do Your Best and Above All - Put You Passion In It and Your Pride Will Show!

We are hoping to get out early this afternoon to the Mall so that I can get some of my walking in and see a movie.  Just might end up buying boots for ourselves as well - who would have thought that we would need them heading South!

Midland Trail on the way to campground
Entrance to KOA
We ventured out and turned around and came back as everything was closed and No Power throughout the area.  Bummed, but at least we took a short drive out.  Back at the bus, we are relaxing, Paul on the bed and me at the laptop with the tv going waiting for General Hospital to come on - At least, I get that channel!

As we lay around in anticipation that the power will come back on by the end of the day - We are Blessed to be safe and out of harms way!

Until tomorrow - Be Safe, Stay Warm and Dry!

God Bless!

Much Love,


Monday, October 29, 2012

Rain, Rain and more Rain

Thought I would keep up with my blog as it is still raining cats and dogs outside!

The rain hasn't quit since it started yesterday on our way here - All thanks to Hurricane Sandy!  We were going to do a bit of sightseeing but the weather kind of put a damper to that idea.  So off we went to the Mall about 5 miles from were we are staying.  Who would have thought that it was that big considering we are in Milton, WV (obviously bigger than we imagined)!

Had a nice time getting my steps in - actually we ended up going to the IHOP for breakfast which was by the Mall but too far to walk so we got in the Jeep and went, ate and came back to the Mall.  We then went to the Wal-Mart which is across from the Mall to pick up a few things we forgot at home.  After our purchases, we decided to go back to the Mall and have lunch.  I enjoyed a Teriyaki Chicken with Fried Rice and Paul had a Loafer Hamburger type sandwich - all quite tasty. 

Did some more walking and checked out what was showing at the CineMart and we were going to go see Taken but then we decided not to.  Our decision was based on the fact that we will be staying one possibly two more days here in West Virginia due to the storm.  This way, it will give us something to do tomorrow.

Back at the bus just in time to see General Hospital and the return of AJ, we are snug like bugs in a rug, we are in our comfy clothes and the heat is on.  The rain is still coming down and it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon.  The tv antennae is still working so that is a good thing as Paul relaxes in the bedroom watching what he likes and I do the same in the living room while I write my blog and chat on fb.

Time to close for today.  Have a great day everyone!  God Bless!

Much Love,


Heading Out Adventure 2012

Good Morning All,

Decided to start up my blog again as we had out on our Winter Adventure.  Our first stop on our journey is Wes Virginia for 2 days and then back on the road again.

We left at 6:15am Sunday, the 28th of October, trying to get ahead of the traffic.  buckled in - gps on and away we go.  the gps took us through the old Telegraph Road.  It was nice as we had never been down the streets of French Town before.  It is still dark out, but, as I look out, I can see the full moon still hovering in the sky awaiting for the sun to come up so it can go away until night fall comes again.

Fall Foliage
A few hours pass and we figure we must be in Ohio as we see several places to buy Fireworks.  We keep plugging away at the miles and we see coal trains full and ready to chug along the tracks, abandoned motels from back in the day when that was the main road to and from.  Paul looks out and remembers that the first Jeep we bought was made at the Plant which is now a vacant lot(we reminisce a bit about the Jeep - we did have a lot of fun in it).

Of course, our trip wouldn't be any fun without the orange barrels along the road signifying Construction - quite a few new overpasses are being built in Ohio, but, some of the roads need attention as well - you all know what I mean!

We stopped at a Rest area to stretch and have some lunch.  Was able to snap a few pics as the rain became a slight sprinkle for a few minutes.

The sun did peak out at us along our drive and the sky tho ugly because of the weather did have a pretty hue of color from white to blue to gray - Of course, that is in great part due to Hurricane Sandy that is going along the East Coast the next few days.

Our daughter texted and let us know that the storm had passed in Charleston, SC but that it would be in the 60's all week - I texted her back and said - Hell, better than 40 and rain!

We got to the KOA Campground around 2ish and got all settled in pretty quick because of the rain.  Dinner was Charley's Chowder from the SC River Crab - and man did it hit the spot!

The rest of the day and evening was quiet except for the sound of the pitter patter of the rain drops on the roof of the bus.  We were in our jammies before night fall and tuned into the Tigers baseball game (they ended up losing but they had one Hell of a Season).

Tired from the drive, I think we were both out by 9:30pm.

Until tomorrow!

Much Love,