Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day 2012

Heading out of Charleston, SC
Hello Family and Friends - We are up early and ready to go.  It is raining but not hard.  While Paul is busy getting everything unplugged from the outside, I am making sure the inside is ready.

I follow Paul out of the Park to an area so that we can get the Jeep all set for towing.  Few minutes later, we are off and heading out of Charleston towards Hwy 17 Starke FL (Jacksonville area) to visit with two of my sisters for the day.  We have approximately 200 miles so I figure we should get there by 2pm as I am sure we will be stopping for fuel along the way.
Savannah River

We just come into Georgia across the Savannah River at 10:30am and the sky is sunny but there are a few dark clouds looming overhead.  Looking around we noticed gas prices at $3.09 - What a difference from Michigan!  I95 is the next sign we have to follow to continue to our destination.  Stopped, filled up, stretched our legs and we are on the road again.  Next stop, Starke KOA!

It was so quiet in the bus that we decided to tune into Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network to see what was going on in the World of Politics according to him.  Needless to say, not a whole lot so we shut the radio off.

Cross the State Line
We crossed into Florida at about 1pm and in the whole stretch of road we only saw two Romney/Ryan signs.  I am talking from when we left South Carolina!  Not a one Obama sign to be seen!  The other thing we saw was a vehicle with something on it about Bengazi.  So glad that after today - All will go back to Normal whatever Normal is!

Great Nephew Julyan - 4 months
Me, Hilda holding Julyan and Dalia
Time to set up camp and decide what to do for dinner when my sisters and their families get her.  They arrive shortly after and we go get Chinese food as that is what we all wanted.  We sat outside and enjoyed our meal and chatted for awhile.  Before long, my sisters had to go as they have kids that are still in school and it was a school night.  It was great seeing them and meeting my newest Great Nephew Julyan.

As they headed out, we headed in to relax for the evening and watch the Election returns for the night.

Good Night,

Much Love,


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