Friday, November 9, 2012

Key West Bound - Baby!

Good Morning  Family and Friends,

Sunny and 64 as we leave the KOA.  Strapped in and excited to be heading Home - Always a Conch.  If you are not one, You wouldn't understand!

On the turnpike, paid the toll.  We look and are noticing emergency vehicles with top lights and hoping that there isn't an accident up ahead!  The closer we get, the traffic is not flowing,  there is a hiccup in front of us, but we keep inching along.  We pass the accident and are getting back up to speed.  Boy, are they doing some major renovations on the Overpass.

Finally off the turnpike and onto US1 - Key West!  The traveling weather is just perfect.  Now the real fun begins - driving down through the keys.  Getting ready to cross over the first bridge of many!  Nice that the traffic isn't really heavy and no orange barrels to contend with  - alone is a win.  We see several motor homes heading North - Thanks for holding our spot, but, we will take it from here.

Windows are open and we are taking in the smell o f the salt water.  It is great to be able to come Home.  We are truly Blessed!

Crossing over the 7 Mile Bridge is a lot nicer than the old days - back then if you didn't stay on your side - side view mirrors would be taken out.

Temp is reading 66 but with the sun shining it sure seems like it should be warmer.  As we cross the Bahia Honda Bridge, we look over and notice our friend Dunick in his FHP car watching traffic.  The pelicans and ahingas are sunning themselves on the old bridge and awaiting lunch.

Watchful of the Key Deer, we slow down and proceed with caution.  We are almost to Paradise - No need to rush as everything can always be done tomorrow!

One final stop before we head to our campsite - the Shell Gas Station on Key Haven Road.  We will fill up the tank and it will be ready to go when we head out in May.

Except for the snow in West Virginia (I Loved It), that delayed us by one day, our travel from Michigan to Key West has been wonderful as usual.

Now it is time to park the bus for the Winter and enjoy the warmth of the sun!

Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


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