Saturday, November 3, 2012

Folly Beach and Fishing Pier

Good Afternoon Family and Friend,

Day started out with Paul going out for breakfast and me staying in - I have my stuff in the bus.  I did a bit of cleaning and then it was time to run errands with our daughter and Justin.

First stop was the Earth Fare (healthy food store) to pick up Gluten Free items for Dill and then off to Folly Beach to check out the scenery.

Justin, Dill, Paul and I on the Fishing Pier
We found a parking spot right in front of the Fishing Pier and off we went to explore the area.  Beautiful day to go for a walk and see the water.  The sky was just beautiful and the temp just as nice!  The beach was not real packed but we saw quite a few paddle boarders doing their thing on the water.  Walking on the fishing pier, we noticed several people trying their hand at fishing.  While we were there - nothing came out of the water.
View from the Pier

Paddle Boarders
 Took some pics of us and the scenery and then off we went to find a place to eat.  We crossed the street and found Rita's.  The food was good and the fun part was that the waitress that took care of us was originally from Capac!  Small world after all.

Paul with Delia Jane and Justin
Leaving there we headed for Wal-Mart to finish the errands and then back to Dill's to get the Jeep.

We are now back at the campsite.  Beautiful evening for a campfire and some more time with Delia and Justin as well as his parents.

Just a note - checked my fb and found out that our St. Clair Saints Boys Cross Country Team are State Champs - How Cool Is That!  Congratulations to all of you!

Time to get outside and enjoy the weather.  Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


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