Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie from Fort Mills, South Carolina

Hello Everyone!

We woke up this am to a quiet we hadn't heard since we headed out on our journey Sunday.  Tuning into the News and taking in what was being said about the weather - We decided it was time to pull up stakes and go forth to our next destination safely.

Roads not bad at all.
The snow that had fallen yesterday was but a mere memory when we opened up the blinds and looked out.  All that was left was wet soggy leaves and traces of the white stuff here and there.

All kinds of trees taken down by the storm.
Everything is quickly put away, Paul handling the outside stuff and me doing what needs to be done on the inside and just like that we are ready to hit the road.  Next stop - Charleston, SC but if we have to stop we will - safety above all - Is Imperative!

Stopped to fill up the bus at a Plaza in West Virginia and can't believe how much snow this area got compared to where we came from - different elevations in the mountains means the amount of snow will vary!  While we are pumping gas, we decide to grab a quick lunch at the Burger King and back on the road we go.

We cross into Virginia around 11:30am and contemplate if we want to continue or make reservations - Making reservations at the Fort Mill KOA in South Carolina wins out, so I make the phone call and get confirmation for our spot for the night.

Business as usual!
As we continue along I-77, the sun comes out and it is so blinding - we are squinting like crazy.  It had been several days since we had seen the sun shine.  Then we realize - No rain pelting the windshield - we hit the Jackpot.  It was still quite windy as Paul had to fight the wheel a bit throughout the drive today.

Along the way
Driving through North Carolina was a treat as we saw beautiful skies, some color but above all - No Snow!  Looking around as we travel the road, we see construction projects, boats on lifts along the water way and some beautiful homes as well.

Paul getting us all hooked up!
The KOA we chose was right across the State line and we got in about 2:45pm.  Getting all set up seems to be getting easier and easier for us which is a good thing.  As we sit around and decide what we want for dinner - it is a toss up between Steak N Shake and Sonny's BBQ.  Sonny's BBQ won out and so we get into the Jeep and cross back into North Carolina.

We are back in for the night and I decide to get some walking in before it gets to dark around the Park.  As I go around, I notice older kids parking their vehicles and going towards an area in the campground that looks to be a Haunted House for the evening.  I was trying to figure out if they were part of the festivities or going for the fun - I decided it must be something for the older kids as I didn't see any little ones around.

Time to close for the night.  We have cable here so - more channels to chose from - tho my channel of choice is ABC - good comedies! 

Have a great night!  Enjoy the ghosts and goblins that come to your door.  And if you go out - Be Safe and Have Fun!

Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snow - Wet and Slushy!

Good Morning Family and Friends!

That's Me!
Paul out in the snow
You guessed it - I opened my mouth too quickly last night and what is on the ground when we wake up this am - SNOW!! 

We had power and then just like that it went!  Thankful, that we have a generator on the bus for when things like this happen!  Funny thing is that the other side of the Park has power, but we don't!   A few tree limbs have also fallen behind and beside the bus - grateful that they didn't fall on the Jeep or the roof of the bus and cause damage!
Luckily the limbs missed the bus and jeep.

Covered in Wet Snow
We have decided to stay around these parts until Thursday morning as the storm should be gone and the road conditions on the mountains better to travel on. 

Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is and has been in Hurricane Sandy's path that she dissipates and that the havoc she creates is kept to a minimum and restoration is swift!  Many thank yous to the First Responders that have left their homes to travel around to wherever they are needed to help get things back in running order!

To our Family and Friends in Michigan - Stay Safe!  They are experiencing wind gusts in excess of 70mph and the waves on the Lake over 20 ft!  If you don't have to go anywhere - Stay Put!
Varsity Saints Volleyball Team
Varsity Saints Football Team
Varsity Cross County Team
Also, to our St. Clair Saints Fall Sports Teams that are heading into Regional play and States - We Wish You All The Best Of Luck As You Keep Getting One Step Closer To Your Goals!  Remember - Do Your Best and Above All - Put You Passion In It and Your Pride Will Show!

We are hoping to get out early this afternoon to the Mall so that I can get some of my walking in and see a movie.  Just might end up buying boots for ourselves as well - who would have thought that we would need them heading South!

Midland Trail on the way to campground
Entrance to KOA
We ventured out and turned around and came back as everything was closed and No Power throughout the area.  Bummed, but at least we took a short drive out.  Back at the bus, we are relaxing, Paul on the bed and me at the laptop with the tv going waiting for General Hospital to come on - At least, I get that channel!

As we lay around in anticipation that the power will come back on by the end of the day - We are Blessed to be safe and out of harms way!

Until tomorrow - Be Safe, Stay Warm and Dry!

God Bless!

Much Love,


Monday, October 29, 2012

Rain, Rain and more Rain

Thought I would keep up with my blog as it is still raining cats and dogs outside!

The rain hasn't quit since it started yesterday on our way here - All thanks to Hurricane Sandy!  We were going to do a bit of sightseeing but the weather kind of put a damper to that idea.  So off we went to the Mall about 5 miles from were we are staying.  Who would have thought that it was that big considering we are in Milton, WV (obviously bigger than we imagined)!

Had a nice time getting my steps in - actually we ended up going to the IHOP for breakfast which was by the Mall but too far to walk so we got in the Jeep and went, ate and came back to the Mall.  We then went to the Wal-Mart which is across from the Mall to pick up a few things we forgot at home.  After our purchases, we decided to go back to the Mall and have lunch.  I enjoyed a Teriyaki Chicken with Fried Rice and Paul had a Loafer Hamburger type sandwich - all quite tasty. 

Did some more walking and checked out what was showing at the CineMart and we were going to go see Taken but then we decided not to.  Our decision was based on the fact that we will be staying one possibly two more days here in West Virginia due to the storm.  This way, it will give us something to do tomorrow.

Back at the bus just in time to see General Hospital and the return of AJ, we are snug like bugs in a rug, we are in our comfy clothes and the heat is on.  The rain is still coming down and it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon.  The tv antennae is still working so that is a good thing as Paul relaxes in the bedroom watching what he likes and I do the same in the living room while I write my blog and chat on fb.

Time to close for today.  Have a great day everyone!  God Bless!

Much Love,


Heading Out Adventure 2012

Good Morning All,

Decided to start up my blog again as we had out on our Winter Adventure.  Our first stop on our journey is Wes Virginia for 2 days and then back on the road again.

We left at 6:15am Sunday, the 28th of October, trying to get ahead of the traffic.  buckled in - gps on and away we go.  the gps took us through the old Telegraph Road.  It was nice as we had never been down the streets of French Town before.  It is still dark out, but, as I look out, I can see the full moon still hovering in the sky awaiting for the sun to come up so it can go away until night fall comes again.

Fall Foliage
A few hours pass and we figure we must be in Ohio as we see several places to buy Fireworks.  We keep plugging away at the miles and we see coal trains full and ready to chug along the tracks, abandoned motels from back in the day when that was the main road to and from.  Paul looks out and remembers that the first Jeep we bought was made at the Plant which is now a vacant lot(we reminisce a bit about the Jeep - we did have a lot of fun in it).

Of course, our trip wouldn't be any fun without the orange barrels along the road signifying Construction - quite a few new overpasses are being built in Ohio, but, some of the roads need attention as well - you all know what I mean!

We stopped at a Rest area to stretch and have some lunch.  Was able to snap a few pics as the rain became a slight sprinkle for a few minutes.

The sun did peak out at us along our drive and the sky tho ugly because of the weather did have a pretty hue of color from white to blue to gray - Of course, that is in great part due to Hurricane Sandy that is going along the East Coast the next few days.

Our daughter texted and let us know that the storm had passed in Charleston, SC but that it would be in the 60's all week - I texted her back and said - Hell, better than 40 and rain!

We got to the KOA Campground around 2ish and got all settled in pretty quick because of the rain.  Dinner was Charley's Chowder from the SC River Crab - and man did it hit the spot!

The rest of the day and evening was quiet except for the sound of the pitter patter of the rain drops on the roof of the bus.  We were in our jammies before night fall and tuned into the Tigers baseball game (they ended up losing but they had one Hell of a Season).

Tired from the drive, I think we were both out by 9:30pm.

Until tomorrow!

Much Love,