Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day Before The Elections

Hello Family and Friends,

Paul and I met up with my friend Skip Parker and his wife this morning.  We hadn't seen each other in several decades, but, we chatted like time hadn't passed.  We talked for awhile and then decided to meet up later in the evening for a bonfire and some more catching up.

We took off mid afternoon and headed to Melvin's BBQ for an early dinner and to do some last minute grocery shopping for Dill (I had promised her dinner as well).

Got back to the bus a few hours later and we put our stuff away and did some cleaning.  Sand just tracks in from outside no matter how well you wipe your feet.  After the chores were done, I went for a walk around our part of the Park one last time.
Paul enjoying the campfire.

Paul was outside right before dark and got the bonfire going and before long Skip and Alyse showed up to enjoy the evening with us.

Our daughter came by after work to have some dinner and to visit for a bit.  It was great seeing her and Justin the last few days and sad to say goodbye for now.  We know that she is not alone as she has Justing and his family that Love her dearly and that is comforting to us.

With the campfire put out, we go inside.  I start putting my computer away so we can get started on our way in the morning.  Good Night for now.  Pleasant Dreams.

Love To All and God Bless!

Much Love,


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