Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charleston, South Carollina - Here We Come!

Up at my usual time - I get ready - shower, have breakfast and start putting the rest of the stuff in its place so we can get going.

Great day to drive!

Looking out the front as the sun is out and off to the distance, I notice campers putting up a tent and another with a camp fire roaring - thinking he was cooking breakfast or keeping warm - it was a little brisk this am.  Traveling conditions today were excellent as you can see by the picture to the left.

We have about 200 miles to cover today so we should get to the James Island County Park by 1pm if not earlier depending on the flow of traffic.  This campground we are staying at is probably one of the nicest we have ever stayed at and if you ever get the chance to see the Festival Of Lights - You won't be disappointed!

Most of the ride today is on I-77 and as we go along I notice an animal along the side of the road walking - I thought it was a little too big to be a cat and it wasn't - It was a fox and I missed the shot!  A little while later as we are traveling along, another missed opportunity with the camera as I look over and you can see steam rising off the Katawba River.  Needless to say, I had the song Smoke on the Water in my mind for a while.
Our exit.

We stopped and fueled up again so when we leave at the beginning of the week, we can head out and not have to stop right away.  Back on the road and we finally have to leave I-77 and get on I-26E towards Charleston.

Waterway crossing the bridge.
In order to get to the campground, we have to cross a bridge and then go down slightly narrow roads - thank goodness Paul is a great driver because if it was me - we wouldn't have any side view mirrors on the bus!

We arrive around 12:30 pm, get camp set up and call our daughter to let her know we made it safely. Dill says she will try to come by but she is studying for a test that she has tonight.

Road leading to the campground.
Getting hungry, we unhook the Jeep from the bus and get the gps going and find 5 Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch - On the road again!

Dill does come by for a few hours with her backpack so she can review her notes for a bit while she visits with us.  After she heads out for class, I decide to go for a walk around the grounds - it was such a beautiful afternoon didn't want to waste it.

Now, back in the bus for the evening - relaxing and watching the tube.  We have 2 full days to spend with Delia Jane (her days off) so we are going to make the most of it and go with whatever she wants to do!  I know we are doing dinner tomorrow and checking out Folly Beach and the Pier!  You know the camera will be in tow.

Have a Great Night Everyone!  God Bless!

Much Love,


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