Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some of the Sites in Charleston, South Carolina

Good Afternoon Everyone!

battery powered sailboats at the camp.
Today started out with us doing the laundry.  Of course, as we are almost done - they have issues with the electrical around the Park.  For a few minutes, we played musical dryers with our laundry - when you put the laundry in the dryer - it wouldn't work but, when you took it out it would.  Needless to say - they figured out what the problem was for the other residents of the Park and we were able to get ours done with the one dryer that was still working.
view from the jeep 

monument for lost soldiers when their ships collided
With laundry put away - we headed out to White Point Gardens which is also known as Battery Park.  Here you will find monuments of Military leaders, cannons dated back to the beginning of the Civil War and also a monument for lost soldiers from two ships that collided when they were practicing maneuvers - there was 30 states represented among those that died.

Had to get a pic
As we look out into the Charleston Harbor, at a distance we can see the Flag that waves from Fort Sumter and we can also see the USS Yorktown which is now a museum - we visited both places the last time we came and it was well worth it!

one of my favorites we seen as we walked along the street
some history that happened on Paul's BD May 13, 1862 - Many moons before he came about.
some of the homes - incredible!
We also took a walk and saw some big and beautiful homes that line the streets in that area.  Oh, to win the Lotto!  After we decided that we had our fill, we were heading to Dill's to buy her dinner so when she gets out of work she can come here and visit for a bit.  Needless to say, when we looked up the Mellow Mushroom (they have gluten free pizza), we ended up taking a detour around the University of Charleston and the downtown shopping area.  It was pretty neat - lots of people enjoying the beautiful weather.

Finally, we get to Dill's and park - we order her pizza and head across the street to the Roost and grab a bite to eat ourselves while we wait.  Inside the place was packed and football was on all the channels - Yeah for Sunday!

Back at the bus we arrive and I try to get on the internet and no such luck.  So, I get my Mifi out to see if I can get on and Like that - up and running.

Time to say so long for today - heading outside to sit with Paul and enjoy the campfire.  More than likely the last one we will have here as rain is expected late tonight and forecast for tomorrow is rain as well.

Have a great evening and night everyone!

Take Care and God Bless!

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