Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello everyone!

Was up and at it early this morning - working on a customers order and then uploading football pics from last nights game.  It was exciting to be back on the sidelines with camera in hand!  St. Clair won the game by the way.

Headed out late this morning to do soccer pics but the weather intervened - will just have to check my calendar for the next game.

Next Tuesday starts the SC Junior Football League games and I will be there capturing some great shots I hope of the 4th -7th grade football players.  I will be posting them onto my website - for sale if you have a child and are interested or just want to see what I caught during the game.  I have been in contact with Dave Linarski and also flyers were handed out to everyone when equipment was passed out.

Paul brought the motorhome back home so we can get reorganized for his trip to Iowa at the end of the month to get a few things fixed before we head South for the Winter.  This Summer has been absolutely gorgeous but I think it has come to an end with the cool weather we have been having lately.

September so far has not been a good month for a lot of us as we have had to say goodbye to three of our friends - Chris Holt, Cindy Pegg and now Papa Mike Malane.  We know that you are in a better place but you will be missed!

On a lighter note - Michigan Wolverines won their football game today and tonight the Spartans take on the Irish of Notre Dame - should be a great game - you know what I will be doing - Go Irish - we do not speak of the Spartans in our household - Cause we love our Wolverine (Paul)!

Taking the rest of the day off to enjoy my recliner and tv.  Tomorrow I will be back at it - working on a good size collage for a friend and possibly the end of the year dvd I like to put together for the gang at the Marina so we can have at least one more bash to remember the great Summer we had before the snow starts to fly!

So, until I get back on to post again - I will say have a great evening.  Know that you are Loved and God Bless!


Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Good Evening Everyone!  Decided to get the blog going again before we head out for the winter.

It has been almost 10 months since I have written - things have been pretty good for me.  I feel that I am at 100% and very thankful for all the well wishes and prayers that are still coming my way.

I have been able to do my photography again which I truly enjoy.  It has been nice to be able to get on the sidelines at the sporting events and click away to my hearts' content and also be able to do Senior photography as well.  It is fun to be able to capture a moment in time either on the field or in my studio.

Paul and I (actually he is) getting ready to bring the motorhome back to the house and get it all set for his trip to Iowa.  This Summer has gone by so quickly.  It has been a beautiful 3 months of warmth and sunshine that we have all enjoyed!

The month of September didn't stop off too good as we had to say goodbye to a dear friend - Chris Holt and now we must say goodbye to another friend Cindy Pegg.  Two wonderful people in the prime of their lives taken from us too soon.  We will always remember the good times we shared and know that we will meet again in Heaven.  Until then - Rest In Peace!

Birthday celebrations are happening in my family this month as we say Happy Birthday to my brother in law Jim, my great nephew Alexis, my nieces Noelle and Anise and my nephews Joshua and Michael - Wishing you many wonderful birthdays full of happiness and great memories(I don't think I forgot anyone).

Time to blog out for the night.  May you have pleasant dreams and peaceful sleep.  And as always know that you are loved.  God Bless!!