Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calling The Sheriff's!

Good Afternoon Family and Friends!

What an exciting day for my niece Tabby and me....  Let me start at the beginning!

I started my day at 6:30am and off I went for my walk around the Park which I generally do every morning and today was no exception.  The only exception was that it was a lot cooler and the sun didn't come out - It tried but to no avail!  Finish my daily routine, exercise, check emails, facebook, etc. and then off I go to Mama's to visit with my sister Sonia and bake the Pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

Get to Mama's house and the door is locked.  I have a key but when I looked down, I noticed I had Paul's keys.  Luckily, my sister Sonia was up and let me in.  I had decided to have breakfast at Mama's and it was going to be instant Oatmeal - get everything ready to go and get the milk - Sour!   There went that idea but then I made scrambled eggs for my sister and me - all is good!

I decided to get the ingredients for the pies all together so I can get them baking, then I remember we need to make a key for the Realtor and get it to her for my sister's house in Big Coppitt.  So, I get the first pie all set in the oven, turn the timer on and my niece Tabby and I are ready to hit the road.  Mama is staying behind to take care of the pie.

As we get going I mention to Tabby, let's go up to Big Coppitt first and check to see if there is any mail, etc. before we give a key to the Realtor.   So, off we go enjoying the cool breeze coming through the windows and chatting about nothing in particular.

We get to the house, check the mail - nothing there they have the door closed.  So we decide since we are there, lets go inside and look around.  Tabby gets the house key ready to open the door and notices that it looks like someone has tampered with the lock.  Low and Behold, someone had.  We get inside and she notices water on the floor.  I look up and see it isn't coming from the ceiling.  As we turn lights on to see, we turn towards the kitchen and notice a big empty gap where the refrigerator should be.  You guessed it!  Someone helped themselves to the fridge and oven inside.  Then they went outside and helped themselves to the wood chipper and weed wacker with attachments.

Tabby and I look at each other and say - We need to call the Deputies.  Tabby made a call to our cousin hoping he might be on duty and when they heard the message, we got a text back - Sorry, he is off today.  Damn, now what?  I thought and said - Well, I usually see them around the Park down by Mama's house - let's head back down to Stock Island and see if we can spot them there and tell them what is going on so they can advise us to what needs to be done.

We decided to leave the house so that we could get my bike carrier so we could go get Anise's bike from the house in case the thieves decided to make a return visit - They can take whatever they want but, they can't have our girls' bicycle!

There were two Sheriff's vehicles when we pulled up to the Park and luckily Tabby knew one quite well from working at Pantry Pride with him years ago.  We get out of the Jeep and approach the officer and tell them what we encountered.  He in turn informed us that we had to call dispatch and gave us the number and told us that once the call was placed they would be sent out to investigate.

Needless to say, they were true to their word.  Officer Rodriguez and Officer Valdes came out and checked things outs in and out.  They talked to neighbors and luckily the neighbor had seen someone and gave a vivid description.  The officers scoured the neighborhood once the Crime Scene Officer came to the scene and started taking pictures and looking for fingerprints.  It was quite interesting seeing it done in person (reminded me of CSI).

It was quite a spell, I had to write a report of what happened and why we were at the house so the Officers would be able to file the report and give it a Case Number.  A few minutes later, a guy comes by on a bicycle pulling a lawn mower.  He starts chatting with us (he thinks I am my sister) and the Officers realize by the description they were given by the neighbor that this is probably the culprit.

The guy goes with the Officer to his house which isn't that far away from here and they discover a few of the stolen items in his possession.  And they found a few things that we didn't realize was missing as well.  The Officers called us over to the culprits' house to identify the stolen objects and to ask us a few more questions.  We signed a release and they gave us the items as they didn't need them to pursue the case.  They asked if the owners of the home was going to press charges and we said - Of Course.

We got the items back and put them in the house and decided to change the locks on the doors and add a few deadbolts to make it a little harder to get in.  Once the locks were changed, we checked the doors to make sure all were closed and locked.  Out the door we went.

It wasn't the day I expected but - All turned out well.

And the pies - Perfect!  Now time for dinner.

Have a great evening.

Take Care and God Bless!

Much Love,


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