Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elections Are Finally Over - Yippee!

Good Morning Family and Friends!

Election Day is over and now it is time to put our differences behind us and pray that our President is able to cross the party lines and get our Nation back as it should be - STRONG AND FEARED!

Heading on down the road!
The sun is out and we are on the road heading to the Lion Country Safari KOA in West Palm Beach.  As we are heading down the road, we noticed some of our old stomping grounds from our last few trips that have taken us through Hwy 200.  Before you know it, our new directions from the GPS tell us to turn left to get on 75 South - WooHoo!  Now the fun begins, the Turn Pike - handing out dollars when we get to the Tolls - Don't know how everyone affords it on a daily basis!  Hand the lady $9.00 and on we go.

We stop on the turnpike to fill up the bus and have a quick bite.  Thank goodness we had eaten!  Heading along to our destination, we happen to see a bunch of vultures circling and then - PU - a revolting smell coming into the bus and we have the windows up.  It is the garbage dump along the highway.  We quickly move on and finally get away from the smell.  At the end of the turn pike for us, we hand the lady the ticket and our money and we continue.

10 miles to go and we are almost there - the last leg of the journey for today and what is in the road - an Armadillo.  Luckily for him, Paul was able to stop and let him get onto the grass since there was no one behind us.  We reach the KOA, register and they take us to our spot for the night.

Relaxing for a bit, we decide to go out for dinner and head to Carrabas for some Italian.  It was so good, that Paul ordered some to go for dinner tomorrow.  I will be enjoying some Cuban food at Mama's.

Back at the bus, we are in our pajamas watching tv and relaxing for the night.  Tomorrow will be here before you know it and on the road again we will be - heading to our final destination before we park the bus until April.  My Home Sweet Hometown - Key West!

Have a great one everyone!  Good Night and God Bless!

Much Love,


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