Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snow - Wet and Slushy!

Good Morning Family and Friends!

That's Me!
Paul out in the snow
You guessed it - I opened my mouth too quickly last night and what is on the ground when we wake up this am - SNOW!! 

We had power and then just like that it went!  Thankful, that we have a generator on the bus for when things like this happen!  Funny thing is that the other side of the Park has power, but we don't!   A few tree limbs have also fallen behind and beside the bus - grateful that they didn't fall on the Jeep or the roof of the bus and cause damage!
Luckily the limbs missed the bus and jeep.

Covered in Wet Snow
We have decided to stay around these parts until Thursday morning as the storm should be gone and the road conditions on the mountains better to travel on. 

Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is and has been in Hurricane Sandy's path that she dissipates and that the havoc she creates is kept to a minimum and restoration is swift!  Many thank yous to the First Responders that have left their homes to travel around to wherever they are needed to help get things back in running order!

To our Family and Friends in Michigan - Stay Safe!  They are experiencing wind gusts in excess of 70mph and the waves on the Lake over 20 ft!  If you don't have to go anywhere - Stay Put!
Varsity Saints Volleyball Team
Varsity Saints Football Team
Varsity Cross County Team
Also, to our St. Clair Saints Fall Sports Teams that are heading into Regional play and States - We Wish You All The Best Of Luck As You Keep Getting One Step Closer To Your Goals!  Remember - Do Your Best and Above All - Put You Passion In It and Your Pride Will Show!

We are hoping to get out early this afternoon to the Mall so that I can get some of my walking in and see a movie.  Just might end up buying boots for ourselves as well - who would have thought that we would need them heading South!

Midland Trail on the way to campground
Entrance to KOA
We ventured out and turned around and came back as everything was closed and No Power throughout the area.  Bummed, but at least we took a short drive out.  Back at the bus, we are relaxing, Paul on the bed and me at the laptop with the tv going waiting for General Hospital to come on - At least, I get that channel!

As we lay around in anticipation that the power will come back on by the end of the day - We are Blessed to be safe and out of harms way!

Until tomorrow - Be Safe, Stay Warm and Dry!

God Bless!

Much Love,


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