Monday, October 29, 2012

Heading Out Adventure 2012

Good Morning All,

Decided to start up my blog again as we had out on our Winter Adventure.  Our first stop on our journey is Wes Virginia for 2 days and then back on the road again.

We left at 6:15am Sunday, the 28th of October, trying to get ahead of the traffic.  buckled in - gps on and away we go.  the gps took us through the old Telegraph Road.  It was nice as we had never been down the streets of French Town before.  It is still dark out, but, as I look out, I can see the full moon still hovering in the sky awaiting for the sun to come up so it can go away until night fall comes again.

Fall Foliage
A few hours pass and we figure we must be in Ohio as we see several places to buy Fireworks.  We keep plugging away at the miles and we see coal trains full and ready to chug along the tracks, abandoned motels from back in the day when that was the main road to and from.  Paul looks out and remembers that the first Jeep we bought was made at the Plant which is now a vacant lot(we reminisce a bit about the Jeep - we did have a lot of fun in it).

Of course, our trip wouldn't be any fun without the orange barrels along the road signifying Construction - quite a few new overpasses are being built in Ohio, but, some of the roads need attention as well - you all know what I mean!

We stopped at a Rest area to stretch and have some lunch.  Was able to snap a few pics as the rain became a slight sprinkle for a few minutes.

The sun did peak out at us along our drive and the sky tho ugly because of the weather did have a pretty hue of color from white to blue to gray - Of course, that is in great part due to Hurricane Sandy that is going along the East Coast the next few days.

Our daughter texted and let us know that the storm had passed in Charleston, SC but that it would be in the 60's all week - I texted her back and said - Hell, better than 40 and rain!

We got to the KOA Campground around 2ish and got all settled in pretty quick because of the rain.  Dinner was Charley's Chowder from the SC River Crab - and man did it hit the spot!

The rest of the day and evening was quiet except for the sound of the pitter patter of the rain drops on the roof of the bus.  We were in our jammies before night fall and tuned into the Tigers baseball game (they ended up losing but they had one Hell of a Season).

Tired from the drive, I think we were both out by 9:30pm.

Until tomorrow!

Much Love,


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