Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well everyone - Today was my last day of therapy as they are releasing me tomorrow. Yippee!!

I met my goal as far as walking on my own to ring the bell - my PT had to keep a slight hand on the safety belt they have us wear. But I still did it! It was exciting - WOW - over a month ago I was flat on my back and not able to move hardly a muscle in my legs and now - I have steadily improved daily.

As I leave here tomorrow - I want to thank everyone who was kind to Paul and I - the therapists, the nurses, doctors, aides and the rest of the staff at both Methodist Hospital and Rehabilitation Hospital of Indianapolis. It is because of people like you that keep us going and reaching our goals. I am truly grateful for all the help you gave me. I always knew that I could do it - I am no quitter. But it was wonderful having so much encouragement from my family and friends and the new friends I met during my stay at the hospitals.

I will keep up with my therapy so that before you know it - I will be back to my old self (not that I am not now) but , able to get around on my own with no need for assistance.

From the bottom of my heart - I thank each of you. No one can ask for better family and friends than what I have. And a special thank you to the man upstairs - With You All Things Are Possible - ALWAYS!!!

Good Night and God Bless!


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