Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Afternoon Everyone - Today is Thursday, September 10th.

I have been doing arm exercises with the bands they gave me at the Rehab Hospital and also doing a little weight lifting with the 3lb. weights I have here at home. Don't sound like much but for now they seem heavy enough. I did the exercises while standing - without falling I might add. Seems like my balance is getting better every day.

Am waiting for Paul to get home so we can do leg exercises and stretches so I can keep limber. As I was sitting watching my Soaps (yes - I said it and I enjoy them too) - I decided to try something that I was not able to do at the Rehab Hospital. My therapist had me get on my hands and knees and then just balance on my knees with my body as straight as possible. After that - she wanted me to try and bring my left leg up so my foot was flat but I was still on my right knee. Well - I couldn't do it BUT ---I just tried it by myself and YOU GUESSED IT --I was able to do it!

I was so excited that I did it that I had to rush to the computer and get on my blog so I could share this moment with all of you. Am waiting for Paul to get home so I can show him - I know he will be just as excited as I was.

Tomorrow morning starts my physical therapy and I will keep posting my progress for those that are interested in following along. I am sure it will take longer than I thought to get back to 100% but I am up for the challenge.

With the Lord and all of you with me - how can I not keep getting better.

Take care of yourselves. Be Safe and Know That You are Loved!!!


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