Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday - September 18th

I started Physical Therapy last Friday at Mercy FitTrac in town. It's about 10 minutes from home.

My therapist Barb and I are working on getting my strength back in my legs. We work on different muscles each session and try to do varying exercises so that it doesn't get boring or repetitious.

It is going to be quite a process, but, I am up to the challenge.

At home - I am getting better at standing up in the shower instead of having to sit down to wash. I have the rails if I need them and I do use them when I have to wash my legs since that is the area that is the weakest.

I practice going up and down the stairs in the house and also the steps outside and can do it as long as I hold onto the railing. Would be stupid of me at this time to let go and go it alone. I also walk in my backyard several times back and forth and the therapist says that is the best exercise of all because I am walking on different type of terrain and since it is not level it is good for balance control.

Time to go for now. Therapy in 15 minutes and I have to leave the house to get there.

Have a Great Weekend and May God Bless.


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