Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October 30th and 31st

Family and Friends -

We left Lakeland and headed south to Sugarloaf Key KOA for two nights before we can settle into Boyd's Campground for the next 4 months.

Fantasy Fest is tonight but we decided to walk around Duval St. in the afternoon and check out the atmosphere and boy was there that!  Lots of people wearing body paint and costumes - all having a fabulously good time.  I haven't been to one since I think 1980 so a lot has changed since the first few.

The KOA is nice but being in Key West makes it a whole lot easier to get to town and back without spending time on the road especially if you forget something.

The sunrises were really pretty and there were two little girls both mornings having a blast in the water - the day we were leaving - they got into the mud and were covered from head to toe walking around.  I am sure the were going to need a chisel to pick away at the hardened mud on them.

We did have a downpour for most of the afternoon on Halloween and luckily it was only here in Sugarloaf.  Key West didn't even get a drop which was great for the ghosts and goblins so that they could enjoy begging. 

Paul and I went with my sister and her family down to our friends house to take her youngest daughter Anise trick or treating around their neighborhood.  We had a fantastic time seeing all the little and not so little beggars in their costumes.  In Michigan, most Halloweens are cold so the kids are bundled up in jackets and they don't get to display their outfits.  It was fun, sitting outside in lawn chairs having something cold to drink - something that we haven't had the pleasure in doing for a long time.

The evening ended at the bar at the campground for one last cold one.

Until the next time, Love To All and God Bless.


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