Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

Good Afternoon Family and Friends.

Woke up this morning and went for a walk with my camera so I could capture the sun.  Was not able to yesterday as it was real cloudy and by the time I finished my walk it was starting to rain.  Made a few laps around the campground walking to the beat of my Ipod music in the warmth but breezy air.

Saw a beautiful heron and it stayed still long enough for me to get a picture - first one of the year for me.  Wasn't counting on seeing too much around the camp as they are digging around us to make the sites available for 50amp service.

Went into town on a few errands and got back in time for lunch.  The traffic was quite busy to say the least - good thing for short cuts.

 Paul and I went to the pool for a little while and the water was refreshing.  Got back to our site just in time as it started to rain and it is still pouring.  As I sit here at the computer, I know that Paul is outside with a cold one watching tv and all the speculations of the what ifs and what's to come after the Election results last night.

As they said back in 2008 - the people have spoken - well - they have spoken again!  I hope and pray that all the elected officials going to Washington to represent us do what needs to be done to get our Country turned around for the good of us All!

Time to get off the computer and get back to working on some more video.  Just might be able to accomplish what I want while I am here for the next 4 months - to free up some of my hard drives.

Have a great evening.  Love To All and God Bless!


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