Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 7, 2010

Good Morning Family and Friends.

Yesterday - we fell back with the time change so now it gets light earlier and darker earlier as well.  The morning started out on a cool and windy note but as long as you were in the sun it wasn't so bad.  I walked a mile and then went to Church.  What an awesome way to start the day!

We got the Jeep washed and finally took off the top to enjoy one of the reasons we purchased it to begin with.  It was nice cruising around with the wind in our faces.  As Paul was taking care of the Jeep, I got in touch with our friends who came down to KW for the powerboat races for the week.  We met them down by the Green Parrot bar and walked to the Truman Annex to look at the powerboats and to wait for our friend Ed Smith - who owns and drives the Cleveland Construction race boat.  I believe he is going for the title of World Champion again this year!

Ed got here just as the boat parade was going to start and was able to hit the road behind the rest of the boats and go down Duval Street - Jim jumped into the truck with the guys while Paul, Julie and I stayed at the Green Parrot sipping our libations.  Julie and I did go out and see the boats go by to and from Whitehead St.

We walked Duval St. for awhile and ended up at Sloppy Joe's for dinner.  The entertainment was good as we listened to 4 guys playing their guitars and telling the audience about the songs and the reasons behind them.  the evening ended for us the Tree Top Bar which is in front of Durty Harry's and Rick's.

This week is going to be a long one as more friends from St. Clair, Michigan will be heading into town on Thursday for the weekend of racing and partying that I know is going to be happening!

Time to get going.  Walking and then taking Mama to the Drs.  Have a wonderful day and remember to find the good in everyone.

For now - Love To All and God Bless!


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