Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paul and I have started our travel for the winter and the first stop on our trip was to see our son Russell, who is attending FSU for a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

We left Marysville, MI at around 10am and arrived in  Big Rapids, MI around 2pm.  The drive was very nice and we were able to see some Fall colors on the trees as we headed out on I 69.   Of course, you also know that it wouldn't be Michigan if we didn't have to watch out for the orange barrels due to construction.

Russell came and picked us up for lunch and then we went back to his place so I could take his picture for the annual Christmas card( I think they all thought because we are not all together that it wasn't going to happen this year - Wrong!).  Good thing I took his pic when I did because about an hour later, it started pouring.

Later that evening, we took Russell and his girlfriend Angela out for dinner before they headed back to their house to hit the books(they are both busy with mid-terms coming up).

We ended up hitting the sack early so we could head out on our next stop in our travels to Charleston, South Carolina to visit our daughter Delia Jane. The sound of rain throughout the night did not hinder us from getting up at the crack of stupid so we could get on the road.  Good thing we had filled up as soon as we got to Big Rapids!

Until the next time,

Peace Out - Delia

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