Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Morning Family and Friends.  We hit the road again at the crack of stupid(6am) so we could try to beat the rush.  Again, the sunrise was spectacular.  The foliage was quite nice but I think we missed the peak of the colors.

We made a pit stop to see a sight but needless to say when we got there - large vehicles weren't allowed on the access road - so we got back in the motorhome and hit the road.

Along the way to our destination, we went through two tunnels and of course - it doesn't take much to entertain us so we had to yell to see if we could hear the echo - going through is pretty neat!

As we are traveling along Virginia - we hit some fog and man it reminded me of Michigan - when it is so thick you can barely see in front of you.  Watching it come down and through the trees is something to see.

As you probably know - sometimes when you travel you see things that seem different to you.  We had to get a picture of the following as we thought it was something we had never seen before nor would we had thought of doing it.  Definitely one way of taking all of your toys with you!

We made it to Charleston, South Carolina around 4pm and are camped at James Island County Park.  This park is amazing.  They put on a spectcular light display with over 2 million lights and it just so happens that they are going to turn them on Thursday.  Definitely, will be taking some pics of the displays which are all over the Park.

I took a bike ride while Paul setup the site - they have a dog beach, catch and release pond, trails to hike and/or bike, pool - you get my point.  We were told to watch out for deer as they like to jump out - just like back home!

Time to relax.  Have a wonderful evening and as always - Love To All and God Bless!!


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