Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday - August 29th.

Not to much to report today as the weekend provides us with a little down time.

My day started with Paul arriving with donuts for my roomie and me from Long's which is one of the best places to buy donuts in the area. The shop has been featured on the Food Network. The best part was that Paul was on time - 8am which usually means before noon to me but he made it.

I had PT at 8am so the donuts had to wait until I got back. I walked around the gym twice with the walker and then walked up and down the stairs a few times on my own. Paul was quite impressed given that a week ago I couldn't even stand up or balance myself while sitting up.

OT was at 3pm and I played Solitaire while standing. I played 3 games and lost each one. The cards were not in my favor this afternoon.

I did some stretches and exercises while in bed to help keep me limber.

The rest of the day will consist of me relaxing in bed - reading, watching tv and maybe watching a dvd on the computer - something like Something Got To Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I think it is a funny movie and just reminds me sometimes of how you need to look through the forest to find the tree!

Have a Great Saturday afternoon and evening.

Love and Laughter to all. That is what we have the most of to share and give.

Peace Out and God Bless.


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