Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Start- November 7, 2013

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my ramblings!

Paul and I started off by getting up at 5am this morning and rustling about making sure we had everything in the bus so we could just get in and go.

Before I continue, I need to let you know that Paul officially retired from the businesses last week so it is going to be a new experience for him being able to get away and not have to worry about fixing problems( tho I am sure if he gets a call, he will take it).  With that said.....

The morning drive started great and then came the rain.  Paul looks over and says the only cloud on the radar this am and we get it!  We continue along, the sky was quite ugly for a good portion of  the morning but, then the sun came out!  But, when we thought the sky was clearing up and we were following the rain, the rain found us!

We stopped for gas and to stretch a bit and then we continued along our way.  Finally around noon, we pulled in to the French restaurant with the Golden Arches and had lunch.  One of the things we love about traveling South are the friendly people we meet along the way.  As we were leaving McDonalds, we heard one of the employees say Have a nice day!

Finally back on the road and the drive is nice.  I generally take a nap while Paul does the driving- he tells everyone he is driving Ms. Day!  Of course, once in awhile the wind catches the bus and we go over to the side of the road and the tires go over - Hell - I don't know what you call it but it causes your eyes to open!

We continue along I77 to I64 to I60  going over several bridges to reach our destination for the night,  the KOA in Milton, West Virginia.   Once we check in at the office, we are taken to our pull thru site
for the night.  Paul diligently gets everything plugged in and set up so we can relax and enjoy the evening watching tv and of course catching up with everyone on Facebook.

Soup and sandwiches will be our meal this evening as we don't want to unhook the jeep, just to have to hook it back up again as we plan on getting up again at 5am so we can be on the road by 6 and get to James Island Campground in Charleston, South Carolina to enjoy time with our Baby Girl!

Until tomorrow, have a great evening and God Bless!

Delia and Paul

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